Watch for changes on Price, Stock or Discounts in Shopify

You have published the creative content generated by connecting a data source in Mason, now you want the store to be updated when the data source does, let's set up the automation for this.

This can be done using the watch on the data source and then setting up the corresponding trigger based on the publish channel to auto-update the content.

Use-case: Auto-update Offer Price/Discount badge on sale collection products

Let's say you are running a sale for a collection and would want to display the offer badges on the Product Listing Page (PLP) & Product Detail Page (PDP).

  • Since in a sale, the offers or discounts are constantly updated, you might have to update the content on your store manually. This is a painstaking effort.
  • Using Mason, you can set up automation through which your store content gets updated automatically every time you make changes to the data source
    • In this case, the data source can be your store catalog or a simple google sheet. More on this is explained below.

What is the workflow?

Step-1: Create a base creative that has the following elements - Product image, Offer/Discount, CTA (optional), Product Title/Text (optional)

Step-2: Connect this base creative to a sale collection on your store catalog and link the corresponding data to the design elements and generate creatives

Step-3: Publish the content to your store on Shopify

Step-4: Set up a watch on the data source (here, your store catalog) and then enable the Shopify trigger

Step-5: Update the data source. Sit back and relax. Your store gets updated within 2-3 minutes automatically.

Note: You must first publish the content to your store for the automation to work. That is, if you want to add a new product to the existing sale collection, you will have to update the creatives and publish them to the store.

Tip: You can also use a google sheet as the data source instead of your store catalog.