Order tracking


We leverage order data for multiple purposes, including:

Powering Apps:

We use historical order data to enhance the functionality and content of apps like FBT (Frequently Bought Together), Bestsellers, etc.

User Tracking:

We track users who have placed orders to gather valuable insights and intelligence for various purposes.


Accurate identification of orders attributed through our apps in real-time is crucial for precise charging and commission calculations.


API to fetch historical order data

  • This should support the search orders by date range, status
  • Support batching
  • Fetching specific fields

Webhook to get order data on order create / update

  • To get real-time information on orders created in the system
  • API to register order webhooks

Availability of order details on the order confirmation page

  • From the client side, we send events to capture vital information such as user details, widget information, and specific order details once the order is confirmed

Structure of Order Data

  "currency": "INR",
  "order_id": "<>",
  "line_items": [
      "id": "string",
      "price": "float",  # Price of the item before the discount
      "product_id": "string",
      "quantity": "integer",
      "properties": "[{'name': ABC, 'value': abc}]" # containing properties associated with item
      "total_discount": # Discount at line item level

  # Customer info
  "cart_token": "ABC",
  "email": "string",
  "customer_locale": "string",
  "customer": {"id": "string"}

  "status": "string"

  # Price and taxes
  "total_price": "float", # sum of all line items price, discount, taxes, shipping, duties
  "taxes": "float" # total tax applied
  "shipping": "float"  # shipping cost
  "total_discounts": "float"
  "duties": "float"

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