Figma File

You can import a Figma file by copying & pasting the Figma URL link. Before that, you must connect your Figma account to Mason.

Connect Figma to Mason

  • Click on the [+] icon on the Homepage and choose a use case
  • Now click the design file icons on the top-right corner of the Page Design Panel
  • On the modal that appears, click on Connect button
  • Log into Figma using your credentials and grant permission to Mason to access your Figma account.

Import a Figma file by copying & pasting the Figma URL link

  • After connecting your Figma account, copy & paste the link of the Figma file you want to import and click on the Upload button.
  • Select the artboards you want to import and then click on Add artboards button. You can import all the artboards or a selected few as per your requirement.

Depending on the file size, it can take a couple of seconds to finish the import process