Getting to know Mason

What's Mason?

Mason is your growth platform for makers.
It brings data, design & deployment pipelines in one place - without having to learn to code from scratch!

How Mason can work for you

Connect Data sources
Link all your brand asset sources, product catalog, CRM data, licensed stock sources in one place

Create Content
Ever wanted to have changes applied to all your creatives? Better yet, custom changes for every creative?
Component-wise editing to update any element and apply that change in bulk to all the creatives. Imagine works like visual find & replace!

Automated flows
Avoid being on the lookout and updating your channels and let us watch your content for you
Enable a watch for product upgrades, feature enhances, price or inventory drops so as to ensure that the content on every channel stays fresh and relevant!

Share your creation
Publish to a multitude of social channels - be it your newsletter tweaks, updating storefronts, shops and product feeds, posting content to social media - we'll take care of everything!
Designs can be delivered as content packaged into the right format for each platform and you can preview it before sharing this content out and putting it on the customer channel of choice.

Mason is a headless platform for adding a new data source, new automation or a new channel on which you are delivering this on - you have an API first ecosystem to which you can tap in into if you are a scaled out business. One can also collaborate with multiple teams to deliver these rich experiences.
The no-code triggers ensure your developers and engineers can package automated workflows into neat little app features that now you can use to deliver interactive experiences for your customer

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