Deploy content to social media

Publish to Facebook

Want to directly have your creative posted to your facebook page? We got you covered-

  • To publish content to Facebook, you must connect your Facebook account and then select the Facebook Page to which you want to publish the content.
  • Click on the Facebook radio button as a target platform
  • Select the Project Page(s) you want to publish as a post. By default, all the Project pages will be selected.
    • Please note that, if multiple Project pages are chosen, then a single post is published as a collage.
  • Add a Description (optional) in the textbox provided and then click on the Post button to publish your post.
  • Once, the publish is complete within a couple of seconds, click on View Post


Scheduled posts

You can also schedule your Post to a later time by turning ON the Schedule Later toggle and setting the corresponding date and time.